“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best,
but legendary.”
– Sam Walton
How It Works

How we work with clients

CONSEGNA Leadership has over 60 years of combined experience delivering expert technology solutions across the globe.

Step 1:

Every SOW regardless of size and complexity is evaluated with extreme care to provide best and quality solutions on time and within budget. Every statement on the work order is thoroughly detailed and documented to provide perfect solutions.

Step 2:
Exceptional Service

CONSEGNA takes pride in going above and beyond our client’s expectations to always deliver quality solutions. Every project is assigned to a dedicated team that consists of project management, data management and solutions architecture SMEs to guide the deliverables to exact specifications as agreed with the client.

Step 3:
Cost Effectiveness

CONSEGNA provide highest quality from among the consulting world and at very competitive prices. Our SMEs have extensively worked with BIG 5 and other big consulting firms. We bring the same methodology and quality but without the extensive overheads of big brands. This enables us to provide nimble and custom solutions at very reasonable rates and as a result we have long term and repeated engagements from our clients.


Why choose us

Quality Services

We are a one-stop innovative and customized solutions company delivering high quality services and fostering partnerships.

Valuable Ideas

We analyse and execute customized, end-to-end data integration, development and modernization projects using innovative ideas.

Budget Friendly

We develop budget-friendly solutions to help our clients successfully overcome their IT challenges and meet business goals.


How can we help


    (+1) 312 763 9608


    Chicago, Illinois
    Houston, Texas
    Atlanta, Georgia

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