Data And Application Integration

New systems, technologies, and platforms emerge fast as the business organization grow, merge or acquire other organizations, and so does the need to integrate the business to be efficient.  However, integration of information becomes even more important across your systems helps to streamline the data flow from different sources and provide a unified view of business-critical information.

CONSEGNA’s robust ACTS methodology for Data Integration begins when we Assess your data to better understand the sources, types, and frequency of changes. We follow this process by helping you profile, Cleanse and standardize your data to prepare it for integration. Next, we Transform and map your data, so it has a logical flow through the code development process. Finally, we Systemize your data into a seamless integration to give you a unified view your enterprise.  Our expertise is to design secure and seamless data pipelines to enable effective and actionable business intelligence for our client organizations.

We provide integration consulting services on Manual, Middleware, Application, Uniform access, and Common storage integrations

We specialize in Informatica IICS Data and Application Integration, Incorta, Appian, Talend Data Fabric, and native or custom solutions.